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Special Boat Unit Mare Island


A sniper is an individual, usually a soldier or law enforcement agent, who specializes in shooting targets with modified rifles from very long distances, usually from a concealed location. Most are skilled in carrying out stealth and camouflage tactics on a battlefield zone. Military snipers are also adept at carrying out methods of infiltration, reconnaissance, and observation techniques.

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Special Boat Unit ELEVEN, located at Mare Island, California was established on 1 October 1978, and was charged with maintaining the Navy’s and U.S. Special Operations Command’s expertise In riverine warfare. Originally established as Coastal River Division ELEVEN in June 1972, Special Boat Unit ELEVEN is the proud successor to the Naval Inshore Operations Training Center (NIOTC). From Its base at Mare Island and throughout the sloughs and waterways of the Napa and Sacramento River Deltas, NIOTC trained over 15,000 American and foreign students in riverine warfare between 1966 and 1972.

This coin is struck in an antique finish.

Each coin measures 1.5 inches (39mm) in diameter.

This coin is packaged in our signature Ranger Industries protective polymer coin flip.

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