Hap Arnold Divot Tool and Ball Markers


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Hap Arnold Wings Golf Divot Tool and Ball Marker Set

Originally founded in 1914 as the aviation division of the Army Signal Corps, the modern U.S. Air Force was founded in 1947. It was Hap Arnold who led the Army Air Corps through World War II and championed the idea of the autonomous Air Force.

By expanding the frontiers of aerospace technology since 1947, the men and women who serve this elite force have greatly enhanced America’s capacity to engage and defeat its enemies throughout the world.

After you’ve hit your ball higher, farther, and faster than the others in your foursome, this divot tool will complete your mission. Mark your ball’s position with the magnetic ball marker attached magnetically to the tool; then, after you’ve sunk your putt, use the divot tool to clean up your marks while your opponent tries to outshoot you. This specially designed set contains a brass divot tool with three ball markers featuring a detailed rendering of the beloved Hap Arnold Wings — the symbol that saved the world from tyranny during the Second World War.

Packaged in a sturdy hard plastic package, this is a superb gift for retired or active Air Force personnel, certain to grab attention and serve as a source of pride for the owner for years to come.